I've always been a creator, it is in my bones, in my heart, and in my blood. After waking up to dreams of designs and images I just couldn't shake, I finally decided to jump and manifest my visions into reality. Saying yes to the call of opportunity means stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out to others on your same path.

You will find many of the inspiration photos from my trail hikes paired with the designs they resulted with. This is my process. I observe with an open heart, then I return home to create a clay embodiment of my memories.

The symbol of the serpent for me, has always been a personal guide. She comes to me on my walks, in my garden, and often in my meditation when it is time to grow into a new higher version of myself. A snake is a protector, a symbol of femininity, and is intimately associated with the soul's journey toward self-realization.

I am honored that you have chosen to join me on this next step in my transformation. Sharing my energy and my light with others through my art feels incredible.

About Me

My name is Monica: I am a mother, I am a teacher, I am a gardener, I am a nature junkie, and I am honored to include artist to my list of identities. This business is about finding communities to help celebrate your passion, and saying yes when inspiration calls.


    Listening to the trees speak and feeling their energy renews me in a way that nothing else can. We have to much to learn when we connect and listen in silence.


    It's not hard to find my love of plants in my work, and most often you will find me conversing with bees and caterpillars in my garden. I'm incredibly inspired by the tenacity of nature and the symbolism of flowers.


    If I am not hiking or digging my hands in the soil, I am paddling. There is no serenity like hearing the osprey call or the hum of dragonflies among the lilypads.

Have a question? Feel free to send me an email, and I will be back with you shortly!