Connect with Nature. Connect with the Divine.

My jewelry pieces are designed to be talismans that reconnect our spirit with the elements of earth's magic. Our lives are so busy, so disconnected, that we need Mother Nature's grounding presence in a comforting, tangible way. What better way to carry her with us daily than with gemstone jewelry crafted in her image?

When we see the beauty of nature and the beauty in others, we see the beauty within ourselves.

Crystals, flowers, the moon, feathers, and animals all hold their own energy and messages of healing.

What speaks to you and are you ready to receive?

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Reveal Your Intricacies.

What synchronicities come to you in moments of need?

What symbols and imagery bring clarity and comfort?

Sometimes all we need is stillness to see the connections. During our chaotic moments, jewelry can serve as reminders of our goals and hold space for our inner strength.

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